Grow Up Your Career in Interior & Fashion Designing

Designing is one of the best arenas to build career in for people who love to indulge in creative sessions. For those who take their creativity seriously and wish to take it to another level should make up their mind to pursue career in the designing stream where there are plethora of courses available. One such area is interior designing. The job of a designer is equally exciting and challenging, and sees infinite growth. This section shall deal with the area of interior designing, and things that a designer should know before taking up this dynamic job.

For the starter, it is obvious for anyone who intends to build himself in Interior Design Career needs to have a knack for designing. There should be innate affection and understanding of colours, patches, combinations, building code, architecture, placement of objects etc. But interior designing is not a play with colours and combinations – there is more that needs to be learnt. One should have hands on knowledge on interior designing which can be pursued from any college that offers specialisation in the subject. Designers need to be educated in design, its history, concepts, building code, ethics of forming a design, computer aided drawing and more. On a broader perspective, designers are expected to be working with all kinds of clients- be it home owners, corporate clients, government agencies etc. One simply cannot restrict their area of work, especially in the beginning, as it is ideal to gain exposure in every area than limiting to one. Another thing that a designer needs to understand is that they shall not be able to earn crazy high amount the moment they kick start. One needs to gain experience and exposure in order to reach at the desired stage. One may build a portfolio on their design ideas and build a constructive study as to how they plan to take things forward in order to present a potential client some credible work. Not a people pleaser, but one needs to be a people person as certain clients are finicky and try to negotiate on non-valid points. Here wittiness and mitigation shall come in handy. Other is that designers need to understand there is fierce competition in interior designing, so they need to position themselves in such a way that they stand out of the crowd. Education in specific streams, or having extensive knowledge on modern architecture, and staying abreast on recent developments in designing are a few things one should keep a tab on.

There are few designing courses that aspiring designers can think for. Education institutions offer jewellery, footwear, ornament and Fashion Designing Courses. All the fields may be extensively competitive but are highly interesting and compelling to pursue.

Construction Cost and Real Luxury

The true meaning of the term Luxury Homes lies in the way the houses are designed and constructed. A luxury home can be fairly small, without a pool or tennis court, lacking any high-tech amenities and occasionally even without much land. However, a custom-built luxury home must have lineage, pedigree and prestige. These attributes come from the design which takes into consideration all the references to the well-documented residential properties of high value such as those found in the Marais in Paris, Mayfair, Belgravia and Fifth Avenue’s Museum Mile. Not only must a custom-built luxury home entail the work of the finest craftsmen available in the locale where the house is built, it also should include the following essential ingredients :

THE RIGHT ROOF Slate, copper and cedar shingles are the three types of roofing by choice of the custom builder, with slate being the most expensive and prestigious. Imitation slate and cedar made of recycled rubber have a long way to go yet before being accepted in the high-end. Slate tiles, done the French way, do not use hip caps. The crisp, crease-like hips are mitered. The best slate roofs are tall, steep and hipped. Roofs that are plain should be furnished with dormers, real or ornamental. Otherwise even the best slate roof will appear mundane. Detailing dormers is an art and certainly not arbitrary. The dormers are a coherent part of the overall design of the façade

Toronto’s and Vancouver’s Finest Homes fit these categories. We build and design them with 26 years of experience and expertise.

Toronto Vancouver Luxury House Construction Cost – see Cost section of our website :

STONE PEDIGREE Walking down Upper Brook Street in London and 78th Street towards 5th in New York, one can’t help but marvel at the similarity of the two places : the houses look almost the same and even the prices of the houses are in the same stratospheric bracket. An Upper Brook Street address would cost you ninety million pounds, whereas one on 78th near 5th (Museum Mile) would cost the same in US dollars. So how is it that the houses being 3400 miles away from each other and a century apart in their conception time, can be so similar? The answer can be found in the book that was written six hundred years ago by a Florentine architect called Leon Battista Alberti.

Classical architecture is all about stonework. The pedigree of the stonework comes from following the guidelines, rules and directions set down by the ancient Greek, Roman and Renaissance architects. Modern designers usually find it unpalatable to follow these dead architects’ dogmas. For those who find pleasure in classical architecture, reading the volumes written by Vitruvius (Roman Empire), Alberti (Renaissance) and Palladio (Renaissance) is a joy and a breeze because the volumes are fairly thin and have been translated to English many years ago.

Simply put, Classical architecture is modular. Like Ikea furniture, parts can be combined and taken apart. Starting from the ground up, each level has a name, a standard set of components and relative size to other levels. There are lots of variation for each level. Even the sizes and dimensions can be adjusted to suit the project. As long as the basic rules are adhered to, the outcome will always be the same : Classical Architecture. And that’s all it takes : abide by the rules. But too many designers and architects would prefer to make up their own rules.


Call us today! Our team will work with you to create a scheme, and we will talk of all possible options, allowing you to have the time to set a budget. We take on every kind of project, right from the planning process to the final touches to the décor and interiors. Also, we have a supervisor for every home we create, who will be supervising the execution of every part and detail.

A guide to container designing and caring for container plants

Container gardening is a great way to brighten your yard and get started with gardening. You can use different types of containers and plant variety of flowers in them to make your home look appealing.You can try out different and new things to design your containers or use decorative planters to create a beautiful garden.

Let’s go through some ideas for designing your containers:

Single accent

If you want a bright pop of solid colours, you can fill your pot or container with the same type of flowers. You can fill it with red geraniums for a cheerful look if your pot is to be placed in a sunny spot. Again, for a shady porch, pink impatiens will be the perfect option.

You can also choose one large plant for your pot to have a more formal look.


Now, another way to decorate your containers is to use different varieties and colours of the same flowers in one pot. This will make your garden look colourful with a uniform texture, giving it an eye-catching look. There are plants that come in a variety of different colours such as impatiens, zinnias etc. You can choose some beautiful colours and distribute them evenly in your container.

You can also use decorative planters to give your garden a pleasing look.


For a more unique look you can try a mixed container. It means you can use different flowers with different colours, height and texture in one pot. This awesome idea has never gone wrong and you can combine tall, trailing and bushy plants together for a more complete look.

You can be creative, but make sure that the colours and textures that you pick complement each other.

Caring for container plants:

Make sure you water the containers everyday in summer.
When you need to feed your plants, use bloom-blasting or all-purpose plant food as per the package instructions. You can use them every couple of weeks.
When watering the plants, remove the dead flowers or petals by pinching off the little stem that is beneath the flower.

Thus, this post will help you create an appealing garden that will please the eyes of your visitors. To make it more beautiful and attractive, you can use decorative planters as well. Browse through some well-known companies that offer such beautiful and functional pots and planters.

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Look for a well-known company that offers beautiful decorative planters that are made using quality materials. Opt for the one that offers the best products at the best possible prices.

Insulated Concrete Form House Plan – Explore Some Vital Details

Meanwhile, majority of people in developing nations can easily observe some great advantages of using insulating concrete forms in new constructions, the issue generally comes to the effectiveness of insulating such forms in tropical climates. There are little differences between day and night temperatures. ICFs, proven to perform well in some seasonal climates and also perform well in tropical climates.

ICFs are generally stay in place foam block that stacks to form a great foundation and structural walls. It is poured into the cavity creating a solid concrete wall with of insulation on every side. This is something that is quite helpful in creating a building that is sturdy and also energy efficient. Moreover, the 10.16 cm solid wall tends to form a thermal mass for the home. It certainly takes a long time for thermal mass to heat up. It generally makes a great thermal mass to heat up.

Concrete is also capable of making a great thermal mass material since it is a slow conductor of heat. If shaded from the sun, the concrete in the walls tend to effectively prevent the heat of the climate from entering the interior space of the building. The shade is mainly produced by the insulation of every side of such wall. Once the home or building is finally constructed, then the ICF block generally place letting the expanded polystyrene panels to serve as building insulation.

There are many builders who prefer to build homes in a accordance to insulated concrete house plan without any insulation. Moreover, ICF concrete home would certainly be surrounded in expanded polystyrene insulation. Moreover, food items placed inside of the coolers generally stay cool for some extended periods of time, especially with a great addition of an ice pack. Like several other items in coolers, people in such homes and building would certainly remain relatively cooler than in those of conventional built homes and buildings.

Meanwhile, some other builders generally resort to simply applying panels to the walls of concrete block buildings. Whereas such construction method tends to produce a great building than concrete alone. It is still capable of using the same labour intensive method of concrete block construction and also reduces some great advantages of having a great and solid wall. ICFs are certainly much lighter than those of concrete blocks. Because of its weight, it needs less muscle endurance or also strength for becoming valuable labourers. Moreover, a crew used for building with concrete block tends to make the transition easily to those of ICF blocks.

Let The Interior Design Experts Create Your Space Like Never Before

Today, there are more trade and professional organizations than ever before. Given the fact that there are many interior design organizations, interior designersare the logical choice to manage and staff them. Besides knowing how to promote and develop interior design events and activities, interior design expertswho choose to work with trade associations can draw on the organizational skills learned as designers. Some interior designers in Delhi also develop turnkey projects and hire the architects, engineers, contractors, and any other craftspeople and consultants required. They coordinate the projects, sell them, and then hire the staff required to complete the project. The client has very little to do with the project until it is completed.

Now, you all must have heard of vacation homes. Vacation homes are known for their designs and they have proven to be big business for residential interior design masters. Like model homes, vacation homes are often approached by owners as “turnkey” projects, requiring that the interior design concept include everything one would find in a fully furnished home – dishes, glassware, bedding, televisions, and soaps and towels. Because the people that own vacation properties often have busy, active careers, they may place different demands on a vacation house than they might in their primary residence. Easy care fabrics and finishes and more space for leisure living are common requests that vacation home designers hear. Similarly we have professionals who specialize in wall covering designs. Many interior designers design wallcoverings. Their training in colour, pattern direction, and scale can make them excellent wallcovering designers. I even know some architects in Delhi who have expertise in wall finishes, murals and faux paintings. Marbling, fresco, and textured finishes, many of which are inspired by the rich patinas found on centuries old walls of historic homes and castles, are popular custom wall treatments that are in great demand. At one time a finishing technique used exclusively in historic restoration work, artisans and designers who are skilled in creating murals.

There are some luxury high end interior design firms in Delhi that offer complete design, manufacturing and import solutions for residential and commercial customers. Their products are best in quality and are available at a very competitive price. They use the latest methods, material and best of breed technology with a robust back up of the most modern plants and tools in order to efficiently execute clients’ projects. Some of these firms are also engaged in international trading business spanning over different countries handling diverse products like furniture, lights, residential and commercial goods, bulk hotel material, food stuff, wood and forestry, natural stones, and building and construction material.

Top 7 Advantages Of Interior Visualization Service

Architectural visualization is popular all across the world. Starting from commercial space owners to home owners, the architectural visualizations have helped everyone in pre-planning stage of architectural development. But, the CGI companies that offer timely and efficient services make it to the top. Earlier, the architects and builders depended on the blueprint, layouts and floor plan diagrams for architectural development.

Nevertheless, when the CGI companies came up with the 3D interior visualization service, it changed the scenario dynamically. It is important that the visualizations are engaging and persuasive as it only distinguishes from the drawings and schematics. Notably, a CGI company’s reputation clearly depends upon the architectural visualization artist or the entire team of professionals.

Clients can call the CGI professionals and experience these top seven advantages from interior visualization:

Realistic – A project plan should have precise details of every architectural aspect. Definitely, the realistic representation helps in a clearer understanding of the plan than it would have through the drawings. This gives a complete edge over diagrammatic representations, which only meant for specialist observations.

User-friendly – Thanks to the visualization artist, any person could expect a user-friendly visualization that helps understand it in details. Normally, the blueprints of architecture cannot be understood easily except those who have at least some knowledge about it.

Cost estimation and savings – The architectural visualizations give an accurate idea of development and ultimately, the project expenditure. Since the clients can request for change or modification in the virtual architectural design, it saves from the expensive refurbishment post architectural development. One could highly benefit from interior visualization service by eliminating the flaws or errors at the very beginning.

Analysis – Running an analysis of the interior designs and schedulings are easy with the help of visualizations. Generally, the architects and developers require an overall analysis of the architecture of future needs and incorporating changes based on ideas or concepts. It also helps in analyzing the weak points of the designs and project schemes.

Appealing – The visualizations give a massive appeal when created in an illustrative and ingenious manner. Thus, this has been one of the most successful tools for marketing and informing the stakeholders about an architectural project. 3D renditions, walkthroughs, animations, etc. give an idea of architecture with clarity.

Aspects – With the help of an architectural visualization artist, the architectural development comes in a clear view. It is vital that understanding each aspect of the architecture is possible. Similarly, learning about the interior designs help in setting the colour, shade, texture and other aspects from an individual point of view. In addition, the clients can plan about the lighting conditions and accordingly decorate the interiors.

Resources – The builders can maximize the usage of their resources with respect to the architectural development. Moreover, there would not be any lack of information regarding management of resources.

These seven advantages are particularly taken out based on their importance. For carrying out an architectural project, the visualization services are highly beneficial.

Interior Design: A Regular Part Of Our Daily Lives

Interior design of your home as well as workplace define your lifestyle and the way you perceive the outside world. It is true that it was not much popular till few years back but in the present times, world has embraced it with open arms. Everyone wishes to embellish their world in the most exquisite fashion. And those who wish to make others’ world beautiful, pursue courses and degrees in this domain. Considering the growing acceptance and popularity of this stream, there are so many individuals who have started dreaming of building acareer in designing. Also, keeping this fact in mind, there are so many education leaders laying foundation of world class design institutes in India.One such reputed institute is the Symbiosis Institute of Design. Brought forth under the renowned umbrella of Symbiosis International University, it promises best exposure and education to interior designing aspirants. So, if you are also the one who is looking forward to take lessons of interior design course,you can avail multitude of options in this area.

Interior design is, by no means, a simple task. It involves knowledge of numerous fields including craftsmen, expert engineers, as well as architecture. Therefore, it is mandatory for an interior designer to have knowledge of multiple subjects such as:

Software programs that are required for BIM and other computerized designs based on 2D and 3D modules

Building codes and other issues concerned with safety and health of people living in various spaces and buildings

In depth knowledge of color combinations, textiles, sustainability, and materials used in various kinds of buildings and structures

Other than these major ones, there are several other subjects that get included in this domain. Basically, the designer needs to have a complete idea about all architectural elements like lighting concepts, graphic designing, and several others. Plethora of career options open up for a professional who earns a degree in interior designing. Here is a brief synopsis of that:

Commercial Design: The world of commercial designers is really an evolving one that is integrated with almost all sectors. The need for beautification and designing has gone up to that level where people are ready to invest any amount to accomplish the task.

Residential Design: It is another and one of the oldest specialization areas that includes decoration of most private corners of home. It also includes renovation and designing of cooking areas and garages. The fact that designer will get a chance to create their own brand is what makes this domain so special.

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Welcome to Vsa Interior designer and architects…..

VSA Architects is a full service Architecture Firm based in New Delhi and with offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Noida. VSA Architects is registered by Council of Architecture, New Delhi.

The firm is established in 1991 and it’s experience includes a wide spectrum of building types, from Commercial and Residential to mixed development, institutions, religious, hospitality and transportation.

News and Events

” Viren Sherawat said the important thing in interior design is understanding people’s lifestyles, something fashion designers do well .”

“Recognizing that good design need not stop at the door to the kid’s room, the CA Boom design show will for the first time ever include a ‘Modern Parenting Zone,’ a new and exciting display of the latest in modern design for babies, kids, and contemporary parents.”

The Best Advantages of Hiring 3D Design Companies

n the last few years, demand for 3D design and other creative visualizations increased significantly. This trend has been extended globally and approaching new industries continuously. Looking at this growing scenario, most of the 3D design companies have started using latest tools and technologies. Advancement through computer based graphic designing software programs helped in the professionals meeting the bespoke needs of their clients.

Top 7 Benefits of Hiring 3D Design South Africa Agency:

Through hiring the expert graphic designers or reputable creative agencies, you can create beautiful 3D images and videos ready. It will bring more values for your business and help you in getting better yields.

1. Start with Any Budget – The growing competition among these agencies and professionals is letting us to get competitive pricing on 3D projects. So, you can consider starting with any amount, according to your requirements and budget. Through comparing the pricing quotes of the leading agencies, you can find the best price deals easily.

2. Simplify Designs – Compared to the traditional 2D floor-plans and other printed drawings, designs made by 3D interior design South Africa professionals are easy to understand. Yes, ranging from expert architects to general people, everyone can find the details from these artworks. These designs contain detailed information on the construction projects including the indications of color, design and measurements.

3. Save More Time – Through hiring the reliable agencies, you can stay assured to get your designs ready within the specified time period. They ensure delivering the rendered images, videos or animations quickly compared to other alternatives. Compared to hiring any individual, you must consider paying an agency as they work in a team and has all required tools available.

4. Adding More Creativity – Discuss with the hired 3D design agency and make them understand your goals. In this way, they can suggest you the best and creative add-ons to make your design projects innovative. It will make your rendered images, animations and videos more productive. They can choose specific color patterns and themes to make it synchronized with your brand, logo as well as products.

5. Keep it Realistic – The leading 3D design companies ensure creating realistic designs ready. They use their intelligence and expertise to render the artworks to feel truer with appropriate color and shapes. It will help mostly in approaching general customers to make them understand your projects, products and services.

6. Synchronize Everything – While getting the 3D interior design South Africa projects ready, consider to instruct the agency to keep it synchronized. Preparing designs with correct and similar values will make the artworks unified. It will also help in completing the designs ready faster.

7. Make it Versatile – Advanced tools and technologies at the 3D design South Africa agencies will help you in getting the handy artworks. You can consider getting them in rimmed sizes to use in websites, presentations, documentations or any other ideas. All the 3D images, videos and animations can be used at multiple platforms without any glitches.
Along with these benefits, the leading 3D designing agencies are offering many creative services to support your business grow. These services became essential for all other industries with real-estate and product manufacturing.

Bladen Benny is a highly qualified computer graphics professional. He tips more about the 3D design companies and its aptness in 3D interior design South Africa. Modern approaches of 3D design South Africa be found from his 3D design works.

What Importance Does The 3D Design Hold For Architectural Development?

The world and its people have moved forward with the introduction of advanced technologies. It could be anywhere – Smartphones, computers, heavy machines, power sector, biological research, etc. This has also been the architectural development where 3D technology has surpassed various obstacles and helped people to know better – understand better.

Specialists/experts of CGI produce enticing 3D designs through modelling (mathematical representation of 3D surface) that are used for games, animations, movies, etc. Understanding this very fact, the 3D design companies have been offering precise 3D design solutions for both interior and exterior portions of the architecture.

Interestingly, the 3D technology has got huge utilization in the movies made by modern filmmakers. It could be the sci-fi movies like Avatar or superhero movies like “Man of Steel”; the extensive use of Computer-generated imagery has impressed the whole lot of viewers as perfect representation. This shows a fact why people admire such thing. It is because visual representation has maximum impact than blueprints or layouts.

Architects, builders and real estate developers recognized this fact and too with the help of 3D design South Africa services to showcase their architectural projects to the audience. On the other hand, the common people (not having domain knowledge of architecture) find it too difficult to interpret from the blueprint. Moreover, they find it impossible to convey the changes or modification required. But, the CGI development has made it possible for involving the client suggestions.

Few facts that the 3D design companies help with

When a project is handed over to the professional 3D design companies, they follow a comprehensive approach in the development of designs, animation or walkthroughs. The following explains how they help with.

• Attractive representation – One can browse the internet for “3D images” and find numerable graphical images that exhibit great beauty and detail (3D representation). In case of architectural development, they can render high quality 3D interior design South Africa that demonstrates the placement of different items in a room or hall with all other existing items, furniture, appliances in an elegant way. It leaves an impact on the investor that convinces him/her to approve.

• Flaw or Error detection – Although the 3D design has a precise interpretation, there may be some flaws or issues in the architecture that can be readily noticed in the 3D representation. It gives an opportunity to rectify any errors, if so happened. Further, if clients are not so impressed by certain aspect of the designs, they can ask for modifications. Significantly, it reduces the cost that may have been spent when the flaw is detected later.

• Advertisement and marketing – Now, the builders can use the 3D designs or walkthroughs to directly inform the investor, customer or client about the project and convey how it can be realized. This form of visual communication has been successful in many ways for the builders and architects.

Hence, the above points indicate the rising importance of 3D technology in architecture.